Notes for Discommunication Seireihen chapter 14

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Pages 36-37

Kyouko's armband says "board of education" (?) and she's carrying a clipboard with student council stuff on it. On the other side, Ueshiba mentions the Henshin Cyborg series of toys.

Page 39

You'd know this if you read the stuff on the inside cover, but this Superconducting Frisbee attack was inspired by Combattler V's Superelectromagnetic Yo-yo. You can see the opening on Youtube, which contains a little bit of yo-yo-ing.

Page 46-47

Confirmed for Marilyn Monroe.

Page 53

Ueshiba really likes the Space Sheriff series, huh.

Page 61

Matsubue is using the Siddham alphabet, a Sanskrit script. It made its way from India to China and then Japan. It's used in esoteric Japanese Buddhism.

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