Notes for Discommunication Seireihen chapter 9

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Page 62-63

The title of this chapter is actually "Electronic Picture Story Show Peddler," but I thought the last word was extraneous. On the motorbike are the things Inazuman says when he transforms; more on them later. Scattered around are what appear to be acupuncture diagrams, a board related to the divination method called kyusei, and some of the shijin from last chapter.

Page 70

Japan, the strange land where you can draw other people's creations as long as you don't mention them precisely by name. For the most part, I've ignored the self-censorship (syllables replaced with 〇) but I'll leave in puns. "Shokupanman" (white bread man) is a pun/evasion of Anpanman (bean-jam bun man). Whoops, he's a character, and Dokin-chan has a crush on him, hence the heart. That's what I get for not doing my research thoroughly.

Page 74

Touko's drinking "Kappa Beer" and munching on "Baby Star Ramen," "Ika-kun (kimchi flavor)" squid, and "Unagi Chips."

Page 75

Man, I hate this Tachibana guy. Kaiketsu Zubat is another one of those special-effects superhero shows, apparently with a weird Wild-West vibe. Watch it, it's epic beyond belief.

Page 77

First, "acchon burike" is a nonsense phrase that Pinoko (from Black Jack) says when she's surprised; she also makes a face to go along with it. Second, the mention of a combat suit being transported in 0.05 seconds is a reference to Uchuu Keiji Gavan, a series where the hero gets his special suit beamed onto him from his spaceship. Here's youtube videos for the intro and the suit-beaming process "jouchaku".

Page 80

There's all sorts of stuff on the board here. First, note the white banner on the board; the small characters say "this month's catchphrases." The big characters are catchphrases from Inazuman. Mild-mannered college student Goro Watari shouts the first one, "Gōriki Shōrai!" ("Summon Mighty Power!") in order to transform into Sanagiman. Then, when he's absorbed enough energy, he can shout the second one, "Chōriki Shōrai!" ("Summon Ultimate Power!") to transform into Inazuman. Youtube: intro, Gōriki Shōrai!, Chōriki Shōrai!

The paper with the grid at the right of the board is just a schedule. Directly to its left is (abbreviated) "The Return of Ultraman episode 33 -> 'The Boy Who Used Monsters.'" The rest says "genius scriptwriter Tetsuo Kinjo's supreme masterpiece! -> Ultra Seven episode 42 -> 'Messenger of Nonmaruto.'"

At the top left, in the corner, is a picture of Hakaider, with the caption "if you see this face [call the police]." Below it, the sign with the bunny says "class library."

Page 82

The papers on the desk say "October schedule" and "student council." On the wall is a poster for movie night, showing Ultra Seven episode 42, 'Messenger of Nonmaruto.'

Page 84

The board this time says "22nd (Tues) outdoor sketching event." Astro Boy again, Skuld's Banpei-kun thing. There's a guy with a flag saying "Showa Denki," which is a real company, but I'm not sure if this is a reference or not. The text at the top of the panel on the next page says "martian."

Page 86

Friedrich Schröder-Sonnenstern (1892-1982) appears to not even have a Wikipedia article. He drew some crazy stuff which seems to be the basis of some of the things in the arts & crafts room in the previous pages.

Page 90

Wikipedia has a lot to say about Indian astrology. I think it's particularly interesting how Rahu and Ketu aren't actually heavenly bodies. Rather, they're points of intersection of the paths of the sun and the moon.

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