Notes for Discommunication Seireihen chapter 7

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The cover flap text is Edogawa Rampo's saying, "reality is a dream, and the dreams of night are real."

I reformatted one half of the inside cover so I could place English text in a sane fashion. The volume 1 inside cover will be getting a similar treatment soon. More info about these references:

Page 3

If you've somehow managed to get this far without knowing about honorifics, read this.

Page 4-5

An excuse to link YMO on youtube: Tong Poo, M-16, Solid State Survivor.

Page 15

Tensai Bakabon was a comedy manga that ran in Weekly Sh┼Źnen Magazine from 1967 to 1976. It was adapted into several anime series. Here the kids are singing the opening theme to the 1971 anime, which you can hear on youtube. The bubble I didn't edit is a line from the song, kore de ii no da (it'll be fine) which happens to be the idiot father's catchphrase.

Page 22-23

I had to fabricate some stuff to do this page join, so my apologies to the author.

Page 30

Astro Boy?

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