Notes for Discommunication Seireihen chapter 2

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Page 29

Title page stuff, in no particular order:

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Page 31

This penguin design seems to be rather iconic.

Page 34

The message on the podium is something about a "hardcore techno pioneer" MC "UT" parody which made the author laugh like crazy. Not sure I understand completely. There is a YMO song titled "UT" though.

Page 35

From top to bottom, left to right along the cubbies:

Page 36

Yeah, school on Saturday. And you thought you had it tough.

Page 40

I put "monster" for simplicity, but she says kaijū, which refers to monsters of the Godzilla and Mothra variety.

Page 56

There's a sort of color language for female underwear in Japan. When Togawa says that she would never wear black underwear, it's because black shows some eroticism on the part of the wearer. Don't ask why this is. The only English-language source that I've been able to find is this, but it discusses colors only briefly.

As mentioned in the previous set of notes, Touko appeared in chapter 5 of Discommunication and didn't make another complete appearance until next chapter.

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